Daily treatment to boost your hair growth
Product line for promoting hair growth – No. 1 in Estonian pharmacies
Say goodbye to hair loss
A truly special ingredient

It is placenta extract that makes your hair grow.
You will notice results in just two weeks.

of users noticed improved hair growth
would love to keep using the products
felt that their hair was noticeably healthier

The study included 100 people with different hair types who used only Placent Activ Milano products for three months.

After two weeks

You will notice your scalp being more moisturised and in a better condition.
Your hair is more vital.

After four weeks

Your hair is growing nicely.
The condition of each single strand of hair is much better.

After two months

Your hair is growing at a steady speed now and is thicker because of less hair falling out.

After three months and beyond

If you continue using the products, the fast hair growth will continue and your hair may grow even as much as 4.5 cm a month.

Customer feedback
Hair growth vitamins
My nails, hair, and skin are very thankful for Placent Activ products. I highly recommend it!
Hair growth vitamins
I've been using Placent Activ for almost a month now. I no longer lose so much hair and my nails that have been brittle all my life have finally started to grow properly and are a lot stronger than before.
Hair growth set
I have used the shampoo, the conditioner, and the serum. All the products are very smooth and using them has made my hair silky and easy to comb. And I don’t have any more hair loss!
Hair growth vitamins
The vitamins are very good - they made my hair grow faster and I have lots of new hair. Planning to order another package soon :)
Hair growth vitamins
I love Placent Activ products! I have lots of baby hair and my hair growth has become much faster.
Hair growth set
This package is my absolute favourite! A few years ago, my hair used to be fragile and short and my hair kept breaking all the time. After I started using Placent Activ, my hair has been fully repaired!