Placent Activ Milano
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You will see the first results in 2 weeks already.

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Product description

Placent Activ Milano shampoo:
Apply evenly to damp hair (scalp), massage to create a lather and rinse with water.

Placent Activ Milano conditioner:
Apply the conditioner evenly to damp hair (not scalp) and massage. Rinse with water after 2-3minutes.

Placent Activ Milano hair growth vitamins ( 60 pilss)
Take two pills with a glass of water each morning. Do not exceed the recommended intake.
If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, take prescription drugs or are under medical supervision, consult your doctor before use. If you experience any side effects, stop using the product and get in touch with your doctor.
NB! Dietary supplements must not replace a varied and healthy diet. Store pills in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. Do not use if seal around cap is broken.


You can check the shelf life of the Placent Activ Milano shampoo and conditioner from the last digits of the code embossed on the back of the package near the top edge. For example, if the code reads B10ED160129, it means that the product expires on 16 January 2029.

The expiration date of Aravon OÜ’s hair vitamins is printed inside a white box on the label (month/year). Store at room temperature and keep the container closed.

After two weeks

You will notice your scalp being more moisturised and in a better condition. Your hair is more vital.

After four weeks

Your hair is growing nicely. The condition of each single strand of hair is much better.

After two months

Your hair is growing at a steady speed now and is thicker because of less hair falling out.

After three months and beyond

If you continue using the products, the fast hair growth will continue and your hair may grow even as much as 4.5 cm a month.