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Placent Activ Milano

Hair growth set

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If you are interested in saving, choose the hair growth bundle, as we always have discounted offers for those buying in bulk!The bundle includes the hair serum with placenta extract and hair growth vitamins for internal administration – in the form of berry-flavoured gummy bears.

The first results can be seen in just two weeks.

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Product description

The set includes four Placent Activ Milano hair growth products:

Placent Activ Milano hair growth shampoo (250 ml) 12.50 €

Placent Activ Milano hair growth conditioner (250 ml) 11.90 €

Placent Activ Milano hair growth serum (12 × 6 ml) 12.90 €

Placent Activ Milano hair growth vitamin gummies ( 60 gummies) 25.00 €

62.30 € separately or  56.07 € in a bundle



Placent Activ Milano shampoo:
Apply the shampoo on the scalp, massage into foam, and rinse with water. Do not apply on ends, as this may dry your hair excessively. The ends will be cleaned sufficiently in the course of rinsing.

Placent Activ Milano conditioner:
Apply the conditioner on the ends, leave in for 2–3 minutes, and rinse with water. Do not apply the conditioner directly on the scalp – this way you can prevent your hair getting greasy again too soon.

Placent Activ Milano hair growth serum:

Break the ampoule carefully in a towel and apply the content evenly on damp scalp. Massage gently into the skin. Do not rinse, this way the serum can absorb completely and will have an effect. Style your hair as always. Dispose of the empty ampoule.One treatment cycle consists of 24 applications (boxes of ampoules). For best results, use the serum every other day. After finishing an intensive cycle, we advise to continue using the serum once or twice a week. For maximum effect, use with Placent Activ Milano shampoo, conditioner, and vitamins.Attention! The serum is for external use only. Keep out of children’s reach.

Placent Activ Milano hair growth vitamin gummies
2 chewable vitamins per day, chew carefully! Do not exceed the recommended daily amount! One jar contains 60 berry-flavoured chewable vitamins.Attention! If you are administering other medicinal products, suffering from a medical condition, pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to get pregnant, please consult a doctor or pharmacist before using the product. Do not exceed the recommended daily amount. The food supplement is not designed for using as an alternative for eating proper food or as an alternative for healthy lifestyles. Keep the product in a cool and dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight, and out of children’s reach. Do not use if the cover is damaged.


The use by date of Aravon OÜ’s chewable hair growth vitamins can be found in the white box on the label of the product (month/year). Store at room temperature and in sealed packaging.

After two weeks

You will notice your scalp being more moisturised and in a better condition. Your hair is more vital.

After four weeks

Your hair is growing nicely. The condition of each single strand of hair is much better.

After two months

Your hair is growing at a steady speed now and is thicker because of less hair falling out.

After three months and beyond

If you continue using the products, the fast hair growth will continue and your hair may grow even as much as 4.5 cm a month.

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