Products that really work

The products of Placent Activ Milano have but one clear focus: to help you grow long and thick hair, even if your hair has been rather fragile thus far.
Our products work because instead of focusing our efforts on developing many different hair products, our team and product development have a single goal promoting hair growth.

Many have found exactly what they needed.

From Italy with love

Placent Activ Milano’s special products are made in Italy, where they’ve been produced for more than a decade. Today, the brand belongs to
Aljona Gorbatškova, whose most important mission is to provide products for those in need to rely on.

Placent Activ Milano hair care line is perfect for you when:

  • You desire longer hair but need help in growing it
  • Your hair growth is fine, but your hair needs a boost of energy and lustre
  • You have recently given birth and your hair has started to fall out
  • You are recovering from chemotherapy and want to accelerate your hair growth

Placent Activ Milano is a partner of the Estonian Cancer Society.

Our comprehensive product line will soon be expanded to include a hair mask and hair oil!

We respect animals and nature

Perhaps you get the feeling that the Placent Activ Milano brand has something to do with whales? Indeed, our products initially included whale placenta.
Out of respect for endangered whales and the environment, we have moved on and now produce our unique active ingredient placenta extract using the placentas of Central and Eastern European cattle.
No animals are harmed when getting the placenta you have our word.

How does placenta extract work?