Right of withdrawal

Once the order has been received, the purchaser has 60 days to withdraw from the agreement entered into in the Web Store. The right of withdrawal does not apply if the purchaser is a legal person.

To exercise the 60-day right of withdrawal, the ordered goods must not be used in any way other than is necessary to ensure the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods in the same way the purchaser would be allowed to test the goods in an actual store.

If the goods have been used for purposes other than is necessary to ensure the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods, or if there are any signs of use or wear and tear, the Web Store has the right to lower the amount returned in accordance with the decrease in the value of the goods.

To return the goods, the purchaser must submit a declaration of withdrawal to the e-mail address [email protected] within 60 days of receiving the goods.

The costs of returning the goods must be covered by the purchaser unless the reason for return is the fact that the goods to be returned do not correspond with what was ordered (e.g. an incorrect or faulty product).

The purchaser must return the goods within 60 days after sending the e-mail or submit evidence that the goods have been handed over to the carrier within the aforementioned period.

Upon receiving the returned goods, the Web Store promptly, but no later than within 60 days of receipt of the application for withdrawal, refunds to the purchaser all amounts received from the purchaser under the contract.

The Web Store may refuse to provide a refund until the item that is the object of the contract is returned or until the purchaser produces proof that the item has been sent back, whichever happens first.

If the purchaser has explicitly chosen a method of delivery that differs from the most inexpensive normal method of delivery offered by the Web Store, the Web Store is not obliged to refund to the consumer the amount exceeding the cost of normal delivery.

The Web Store has the right to withdraw from the sale transaction and demand that the goods be returned by the purchaser if the marked price of the goods in the Web Store is significantly lower than the market price of the goods due to an error.