10 superfoods to combat hair loss

4 minute read
One of the most common reasons for hair loss is the deficiency of a nutrient. What should you eat and drink to avoid it and make your hair thick and luscious again?

Eggs. A natural source of biotin. Biotin is a key element for hair growth, so eggs are one of the most beneficial hair nutrients out there. Also, eggs contain a lot of iron, the deficiency of which is the main reason for hair loss. Eat at least one egg a day and you’ll soon notice those limp locks regaining their shine and strength!

Oysters. These slimy creatures of the sea are the world’s best beauty food! They contain a lot of folic acid, iron and zinc which all combat hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles. Only strong and healthy follicles are able to grow vital hair.
Salmon. A hair contains 3% of omega-3 fatty acids, and greasy fish is a great source of omega-3. Fatty acids help hair and the scalp stay hydrated and resilient, which in turn helps nutrients reach the roots of the hair and protect them from breaking. Furthermore, salmon is packed with vitamin D and protein, the main building block of the hair.

Dark chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the more it contains the antioxidant flavonol. Antioxidants improve blood flow and protect the hair from free radicals and UV radiation. Cocoa prevents the breakdown of collagen in the skin and helps preserve the elasticity of the scalp. As a bonus, cocoa helps fight stress hormones, which are very often the cause for hair loss. Try not to eat too much dark chocolate, though.

Strawberries. Along with lettuce, cucumber, avocado and onion, strawberries are one of the best sources of silicon on our table and contain lots of vitamin C as well. As silicon breaks down quickly when nutrients are processed, fresh strawberries are the best choice! Silicon and vitamin C are important components in collagen synthesis. Together, they boost the scalp’s microcirculation, helping the hair roots imbibe nutrients from the blood. If there is no deficit of nutrients, there is no hair loss.

Lentils. Lentils are a combination of the proteins essential for hair growth and of all of the essential minerals, including iron, zinc and biotin. If the hair does not get enough proteins, its growth slows down until eventually, it stops altogether, which is why you should recheck the content of healthy proteins in your food if you have hair problems.

Blueberries. A domestic superfood! Essential for hair because of the rich vitamin C content, which supports the circulation in the scalp as well as the thin vessels supplying hair roots with nutrients and oxygen.
Carrot Together with sweet potato, it is one of the few foods providing us with the vitamin A we need for cell renewal and for fighting free radicals. Lifeless hair and a dry itchy scalp often suggest a vitamin A deficiency. Just two average-sized carrots a day will do the trick!

Walnuts. Just like all nuts, walnuts contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids. But what makes them special is that they also contain lots of vitamin E, which protects the hair against the DNA damage caused by UV radiation. In addition, walnuts are rich in copper, which helps preserve the colour and shine of the hair. All these ingredients are also there in walnut oil, which can be used to replace olive oil in salads, for example. Or, you can add walnuts to Greek yoghurt that is already rich in protein and calcium, making it a true super combo for the hair!

Water. A hair stem is one-fourth water and the amount of water we drink is a direct contribution to the composition and status of our hair. If our body is deprived of water, the circulation is not functioning properly, either, and your hair, which from the point of view of your body’s survival is not essential, is the first to miss nutrients due to poor circulation. So, water deprivation might often be one of the reasons for hair loss.