12 seemingly innocent habits that are bad for your hair

4 minute read
The most beautiful hair is healthy hair. Yet keeping it healthy is not an easy task. Many seemingly innocent habits can actually be bad for your hair. Are you guilty as well?

1. Washing hair the wrong way up

Many start washing their hair by applying shampoo on the ends, moving gradually towards the scalp. This is incorrect, because dirt and sebum build up on the scalp first. The ends tend to be more dry and fragile and do not require a very thorough shampoo wash.

2. Too many hair products at once

Are you using a hair mask, deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner, do you spray a leave-in conditioner on your hair after washing, nourish hair with hair oil and structure-giving products and top it all off with heat protection products and hair spray? But the expected result – hair brimming with health – is nowhere to be seen?

Overdoing hair care leaves your hair dull and exhausted. Use only a few of your favourite products and follow the instructions to the letter. The principle “the more, the better” does not apply in the case of hair care.

3. Not untangling your hair every day

The longer your hair, the more likely it is for it to tangle. Proper daily brushing can prevent the formation of knots. However, are you doing it right?

You need to be very careful when untangling your hair. Use a large wide-tooth comb. Start with the ends and carefully move upwards. Be sure to separate your hair into sections first. This way the damage will be minimal. If the situation has become really bad, use a special spray.

4. Washing hair too often

It is a common myth that hair needs to be washed every day. This is actually a mistake because daily wash makes hair dry, removing important natural oils your hair and scalp need.

Washing hair every three days is perfectly fine. After a workout, a simple rinse without shampooing will do just fine.

5. Using a cotton pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases can make hair prone to breakage. Opt for silk or satin pillowcases instead.

6. Always wearing the same hairstyle

You should constantly alter your hairstyle or the way you wear your hair, to give your hair and scalp some rest. Do not pull your hair back into a very tight ponytail, as constant tension is bad for your hair and scalp.

 7. Using the wrong hair ties

Forget about hair ties with metal clasps or random elastic bands – these spell doom to your hair, as they simply pull your hair out! Tie up your hair using soft hair ties, like a fabric covered scrunchie.

 8. Heat-styling the wrong way

Blow drying and straightening too frequently damages your hair. Avoid excessive heat styling; two or three times a week should be the maximum.

Be sure to use heat protection, as it creates a protective barrier between the hot iron and hair. This prevents damaging your hair too much.

Holding the blow dryer too close to your hair is also bad, as the heat will start burning your hair.

9. Brushing wet hair

Wet hair is very fragile, which is why you should avoid combing or brushing them. Wait until they have started to become dry. Plus, you should definitely stay away from straightening or curling wet hair! Blow dry only once your hair has become towel-dry.

10. Using conditioner on hair roots

Conditioners are designed to make hair silky, soft and lustrous but are meant to be used only from mid-length to ends. Avoid applying any conditioner to your scalp, as it will weigh your hair down, making it greasy faster.

11. Taking too hot showers

Hair prefers lukewarm water, as hot water dries your hair up. Opt for rinsing your hair with cool water.

 12. Using hair spray before straightening

If you straighten your hair often, you may be tempted to use hair spray before straightening. Never do that because it only dries your hair up. Plus, you will also ruin your straightening iron.