The story of Placent Activ Milano eyelashes

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Can you only get beautiful eyelashes at the cost of your health? The way to beautiful eyelashes does not have to be dangerous. How to get long eyelashes? From green tea to dangerous glue Mascara, curling or eyelash extensions: this is the reality for many women. Sometimes we tend to forget that putting extensions and all kinds of chemicals on our lashes is not necessarily the healthiest way to achieve a seductive look. Are there any alternatives?
Extreme options

False eyelashes. A quick way to give your eyes the wow factor for a glamorous event. Nothing complicated here – find a product of a suitable colour and length and simply glue them on.

However, they are merely a more spectacular form of eye makeup, the life expectancy of which is a single night. Before sticking anything on your lashes, make sure your eyes are not sensitive to the adhesive and keep in mind that temporary lash extensions do not go with all kinds of makeup due to their extravagant look.

Your eyelashes will be grateful if you use glue-on products as little as possible because removing them requires a gentle pull, which can break your natural lashes or cause them to fall out.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions. They look more natural than fake lashes and last longer, too. You still need to reapply them at the salon every 2-4 weeks and a single session lasts around an hour. On the plus side, you will need to spend less time on daily makeup, as there will be no need for mascara. Many women find lash extensions convenient.

However, the looks of the lash extensions depend on the lash artist: it requires true craftsmanship to find perfect eyelashes for each pair of eyes.


The best-looking extension is up to a ⅓ longer than the natural lash. However, the length of the extension is more than just a matter of style. The health of your eyes and eye area also depend on it!

Many women get longer extensions than recommended for a more dramatic look, but this can be devastating for your own eyelashes. If your natural lashes are of the shorter and weaker kind, gluing extensions on them causes strain and weighs them down, eventually leading to breakage. If you constantly strain your eyelashes like that, it can, in the worst case scenario, lead to alopecia (lashes fall out permanently).

Since eyelashes protect your eyes and retain their moisture level, losing them would be a real blow to your eye health.

Careful with application! Applying extensions is a responsible task. One extension is glued to one natural lash and under no circumstances should you have several extensions glued on a single lash – this also leads to breakage. If the extension is glued too close to your eyelid, it can cause itching or even swelling.

There are salons that still use lash adhesive that includes formaldehyde. The cornea is extremely sensitive to this substance. It often causes irritation, infection and sometimes even scarring. Ask the technician about the glue they use.

Hygiene is also very important. The tweezers used for application must be sterilised prior to the procedure. The extensions themselves can also be covered in bacteria and impurities. Non-sterile application can cause eye infection and it is not uncommon to get an infection so bad that you need to go to a doctor.

Another downside of lash extensions is having them stay on, meaning that not everyone can make do with going to a salon only once a month. This can be due to the use of medications, pregnancy or menopause. In such a case, you should find another way to decorate your eyelashes to avoid a situation where you constantly need to clean your under eye area from loose lashes.

Many women are certainly concerned whether lash extensions can have a negative effect on the natural lashes. Some studies have confirmed that the growth cycle of natural lashes may become disturbed as a result of wearing extensions. This is why natural eyelashes are shorter and weaker after the removal of extensions. However, your eyelashes should recover after a while.

When you prefer safer solutions

 – Eyelash serums. If you do not want anything glued to your lashes but have not been blessed with dark and lush natural lashes either, you might want to opt for a more gentle solution: caring for and nurturing your lashes to make them grow stronger and fuller.

To understand the effect of caring products, we need to know the lash lifecycle, which consists of three phases of certain length: the growth phase, the transition phase and the resting phase, after which the lash sheds. If the growth phase is short, so are the lashes. Plus, eyelashes are rather sensitive to external influences, which can cause them to break or shed prematurely.

This is where serum comes in: it strengthens the lash root to extend the growth phase, thus extending the life span of the lash, allowing it to grow longer. The serum also moisturises lashes and increases their resilience, allowing them to better brave external factors, such as the weather, rubbing and makeup.

Although using a serum almost always gives great results, you should bear in mind that this method is the slowest. It takes about 12 weeks before results begin to show and you need to be consistent in application. Luckily serums are super easy to use and have no negative side effects.

Serums are available in various price ranges, but more expensive does not necessarily equal better. Everybody is different, thus the results can vary from one person to another. To find a product that really works, you need to check whether it boosts eyelash growth as well or if it is only meant for caring purposes.

– Treat your lashes with oil. The best home remedies for this are olive oil and castor oil. They include beneficial fatty acids that improve lash growth and add lustre. Clean your eyes and use a cotton swab to apply some oil to your lashes. However, you need to be careful not to get any oil in your eyes, as this can lead to swelling and itching. Bonus fact: castor oil makes lashes slightly darker after extended use.

– Use a green tea mask. If oil is not up your alley, treat your eyes with green tea. Dab some green tea on your lashes before bed and allow it to ‘soak’ for the night. Wash the mask off in the morning. This stimulates lash growth and the results should begin to show in two weeks.

– Eat healthy. What you eat greatly affects both your hair and your lashes. One of the most important building blocks for lashes are proteins, as they strengthen them and decrease shedding. You can get plenty of protein from meat, fish, milk, nuts, almonds and egg.

Take care of your lashes! Before expecting any results from eyelash care products, do your homework: do not sleep in makeup, always be gentle when cleaning your eyes (no rubbing) and take makeup-free days from time to time to allow your lashes to breathe and give them some rest.